London Ink is a reality show on Discovery Real Time that follows Louis Molloy and three other tattoo artists. Each of the artists brings a different style to London Ink. The show is a spin-off of Miami Ink and premiered on September 23, 2007..


  • Louis Molloy
  • Dan Gold
  • Nikole Lowe
  • Phil Kyle

About the CastEdit

Louis Molloy is an expert in parallel, straight lines and other difficult shapes, and has tattooed David Beckham. Dan Gold is an avid graffiti artist in the freehand new wave graffiti style. New Zealand artist Nikole Lowe specializes in Japanese, Tibetan and Indian-themed art. American Phil Kyle brings a new wave old school style with his own twist over to England.


Glamour model Emily Scott appeared in the first episode of London Ink, in which she had a Koi fish tattooed on her right arm by Dan Gold. Alex Kramer has also been a customer.

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