G'day everyone,my name is Kaye and I come from the land down under, Yeap, Australia and I wouldn't want to live any where else in the crazy mixed up world of ours.. I am first Generation my Parents are from Scotland. I love Mafia Wars, not just the game but the awesome people you meet along your journey and to me thats what it is, It's like a full time Job to me never a dull moment. I have met some of the kindest human beings ever yet we play a violent game, I don't think it's violent but others do.. I love the giving part of the game to make someone happy on the other side of the world is pretty fucken cool. Love tattoos. always have. I always seen them as a work of art and wow the Tattoos now are much better than the ones we got when I was young. I am 52 this year and still very young at heart. I think the Wikia site is great it has been my Mafia Bible since I started over 16 months ago. It has changed so much, but there is nothing in life more constant than change.. Take care hope to catch up again soon. My Mafia War name is 'All the Way Kaye' because I will go all the way to protect my friends and help them.. Cheers Kaye from Australa, xxxxx

Take care and stay safe and have fun playing your games. :)

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